Version 4.6

Version Number: 

Added Features

  • Updated to work with FamilySearch API changes
  • Added extraction forms for the following:
    • 1771 Massachusetts Tax List
    • 1885 Buenos Aires Argentina census

    Bug Fixes in 4.6

    • Fixed potential crash when opening a GEDCOM file.

    Version 4.5


    Added Features

    • Added extraction forms for the following censuses:
      • 1890 United States veterans schedule
      • 1819 and 1867 Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany censuses
      • 1871, 1877, 1879, 1881, 1883, 1887, 1889, 1892 Washington state censuses
      • 1915 New Jersey census 1841 Prince Edward Island, Canada census
      • 1851 eastern Cherokee Indian census
      • 1832 Creek Indian census
    • The Home key will now take you back to the first person on the pedigree

    Version 4.4


    Added Features

    • Added the ability to support multiple schedules for the same census.
    • Added extraction forms for the following censuses:
      • Mortality schedules for 1850 - 1880 US censuses
      • Mortality schedule for 1885 Colorado, Florida, and Nebraska state censuses
      • Mortality schedule for 1871 Canada census
      • 1852, 1854 Iowa state censuses
      • 1820, 1850, 1855, 1866 Alabama state censuses
      • 1876 Missouri state census
      • 1777 Rhode Island military census
      • Urban census schedule for 1851 Canada provincial census
      • 1851, 1861 Nova Scotia provincial censuses
      • 1851, 1861 New Brunswick provincial censuses
      • 1798, 1861 Prince Edward Island provincial censuses
    • Now supports FamilySearch OAuth2 authentication.

    Bug Fixes in version 4.4

    • Fixed potential crash when hitting the Back button from an online repository or trying to save an online repository, without specifying the URL.
    • Fixed “Memory allocation error” when adding a source without a URL.
    • Fixed potential problems when printing database reports with individuals with multiple sets of parents, empty notes, or with no know date ranges for their life.
    • Don't duplicate pages in a Journal source citation when they are redundant.
    • On the Source Details Editor you can now type more than one character of the source title to search for an existing source.
    • Fixed 1859 Kansas state census extraction form . It can now record a name or number in the "Head of family not voter" field.

    Version 4.3


    Added Library and University licensing

    Version 4.2


    Bug Fixes in version 4.2

    • Fix potential crash when merging people on FamilySearch
    • Fix crash when opening a GEDCOM file wihich has references to a non-existent individual
    • Handle invalid URLS more intelligently
    • Don't prompt to delete a source when trying to keep current with FamilySearch

    New Features for Version 4.2

    • Census Extraction Forms Added:
      • 1827, 1845 Michigan census
      • 1821, 1831, 1841, 1851 Ireland census
      • 1935 Rhode Island census
      • 1859 Kansas census
      • 1869 Slovakia census
    • Additional Changes
      • Added footnotes for marriage information on generated reports.
      • Added separate footnotes for dates and places in generated reports to support a date from one source and a location from another.
      • If a parent does not have a recorded birthplace, but a child has a census recorded with a parents birthplace, display the birthplace of the parent as listed in the census record in summary views and reports.


    Bug Fixes in version 4.1


    • Fix potential crash after loading a GEDCOM file that has duplicate CHIL tags in a family
    • Handle En Dash and other Unicode characters in dates
    • Fix potential crash when interacting with FamilySearch
    • Display correct contributor information when downloading couple relationship from FamilySearch

    New Features for Version 4.0.8 on  2/07/2014

    • Census Extraction Forms Added:
      • 1921 Canada census
      • 1984 Ghana census
      • 1905 Iowa state census
      • 1827 Nova Scotia, Canada census
      • 1935 Puerto Rico census
      •  1891 Tennessee male voter census
      •  1782 – 1785 Virginia state census
      • 1865 Wisconsin state census
    • Features Added:
      • FamilySearch TreeAccess Certification – January 2014
      • FamilySearch TreeShare Certification – January 2014
      • Updated Descendant Tree View to allow drag and drop to rearrange children between marriages
      • Added to the web search list

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fix a couple potential crashing bugs
    • Fix behavior on place editor when renaming or moving a place associated with a census record
    • Fix bug when pasting data into a Census Extraction form

    New Features found in Version 3
    Added ability to select site to search for a specific census.
    Add the version number of the application which created the GEDCOM to the opening statistics screen.
    Added state censuses for 1855 Kansas, 1855 and 1875 Wisconsin, and 1855 and 1866 Alabama.
    1940 United States census extraction form
    1911 Scotland census extraction form
    FamilySearch discussion support
    Enumerator instruction links added for 1800, 1820-1840 United States census forms
    Easier to register your application using a product key
    Better source index searching
    Shows common ancestor when finding relationship between two people
    New "Register"-style report which prints the descent from a common ancestor to two people in your database, to show how they're related
    Added sourcing support for items found on CD-ROM.
    Added clickable hotlink for web source references shown as "Ibid." on generated reports.
    Improved searching index for queries by last name only.
    Added state census extraction forms for various census years for: California, Colorado, Florida,   Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts,  Minnesota, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico Territory, New York, North Dakota Territory, Oklahoma Territory,  South Dakota Territory,  Rhode Island, Washington Territory, Wisconsin
    Added census extraction forms for the following countries: 1930 Mexico, 1841 New South Wales, Australia State Census, 1869 and 1895 Argentina
    Spouses of children can now be hidden on the census tracker (in both the view and report).
    The census extraction forms now have resizable borders.  You can drag the edges to make them larger.
    "Search Online" button appears on more census extraction forms, and is linked to internet searchable databases. 
     Generations dispayed in Census Tracker
    Updated census tracker and timeline reports
    Source Models for sourcing as explained in Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills
    FamilySearch syncronization (for those with FamilySearch accounts)
    Default source information for extracted Census data.
    Genbox, Family Historian, RootsMagic 4, and The Master Genealogis  specific GEDCOM save type
    Added Census extraction forms for Denmark, and Norway

    Bug Fixes

    Source wizard doesn't fit on laptop screen.
    Several potential crashing bugs
    Fixed image aspect ratio when previewing images to link to an individual or family.
    Fixed missing buttons on census extraction forms when using Windows XP.
    Fixed inappropriately cropped place text on census tracker screen.
    Fixed display of nobility titles in individual editor.
    Fixed soundex support for foreign language characters.
    Fixed potential crash when using FamilySearch.
    Fixed several potential crashing bugs when opening files.
    Fixed potential crash when normalizing places.
    Fixed potential crash when generating a descendancy chart
    Fixed arrow keys behavior on the family group sheet.
    Fixed  census tracker cell coloring.  Cells are now colored green when an overlapping age rage exists.
    Fixed source citation box to allow copy and paste of citation.
    Fixed potential crash when opening a census extraction form if multiple sources share identical source titles.
    Fixed potential crash when an invalid date (such as ABT 17991) was entered.



    Version 2.3.20 6/14/2011 Beta Version

    Bug Fixes:

    Preserve the image aspect ratio when previewing images attached to an individual or family.
    Fixed several potential crashing bugs when opening Legacy or RootsMagic generated GEDCOM files.
    Fixed several potential crashing bugs.
    Fixed FamilySearch place normalization.
    Handle Legacy files which use a value for QUAY which is not defined in the GEDCOM specification.



    Added support to save GEDCOM file specific to GenBox.
    Improved source and repository index searching.
    Added Norway census extraction form.

    Bug Fixes :

    Now auto-expands place names correctly by allowing for spaces after commas.
    Fixed merging of names which include a surname prefix..
    Fixed several potential crashing bugs.

     Version 2.3.9 date 11/05/2010


    Added support for GEDCOM files created by AGES!

    Handles illegal GEDCOM more gracefully, and attempts to fix problems.

    Added Danish census extraction forms.


    Bugs Fixed:

    Preserves main submitter.

    Fixed several potential crashing bugs


    Version 2.3.6 10/02/2010
    Bugs Fixed: Updated to remain compatible with FamilySearch.

    Version 2.3.5 9/11/2010
    Added support for The Master Genealogist, Roots Magic, and Family Historian GEDCOM files
    Added support for the newest FamilySearch login and passwords
    Added keyboard shortcuts for all toolbar items

    Bugs Fixed: Removed line length restriction on source publication information
    Fixed potential crash when loading some GEDCOM files

    Version 2.3 8/18/2010
    Updated all census extraction forms.
    Now all fields from a census are available for extraction.
    On the Census Tracker you may hide census years.
    New censuses supported, including 1906 and 1916 Western Canada and the 1901 Ireland Census.
    Census information such as occupation is automatically added and sourced as coming from the census when an individual is linked to extracted census information. This information is viewable from the Individual Editor and updated when any changes are made to the census extraction form. Any information extracted from a census, such as an occupation, will not be editable directly from the Individual Editor.
    Enhanced ability to find and manipulate events at a given location while use the Places viewer.
    You can include events at more specific locations by clicking the check box at the bottom of the screen.
    You can now sort the events by any of the columns such as by Event type, date, or even source quality.
    Supports saving GEDCOM files in UTF-8 format.
    Surname Prefixes are now supported. The surname prefixes de, del, der, dit, of, la, le, van, and von will be automatically recognized as surname prefixes if previously entered in the surname field in all lowercase. Mixed case and all capitalized surname prefixes will not automatically be converted since there are valid multi-name surnames such as Van Dyke.
    Nicknames stored in GEDCOM are now correctly recognized, and are shown as alternate names. All names can now have a name type, which defaults to type “birth”. The name type includes aka (for nicknames), adopted, immigrant, and married.
    Nobility title places have been added to surname indices. For example Rhys ap /Tewdr/, Prince of South Wales will appear in the index twice: once as “Tewdr, Rhys ap, Prince of South Wales”, and once as “South Wales, Rhys ap Tewdr, Prince of”.
    MagiKey Family Tree installation no longer requires downloading and installing Microsoft Visual C++ libraries separately.
    Supports the new FamilySearch accounts that access multiple FamilySearch web sites. If you are still using an old FamilySearch account, go to and upgrade your account. Other updates that allow us to remain compatible with the FamilySearch Family Tree.

    Bugs Fixed
    Ancestral Quest’s method of saving Initiatory information is now recognized.
    Spaces are now displayed after commas when displaying place names.
    Fixed potential display error in the age calculator.
    Notes with exactly 15 lines of text were not being displayed.
    Reworded the error message a user receives when trying to open an incomplete GEDCOM file.
    Fixed multiple bugs related to merging a GEDCOM file with itself.
    0/12 was not recognized as a valid age in census extraction forms. It is now recognized as meaning < 1 month old.
    Potential crashing bug when deleting marriage events from the Family Dialog screen.
    Potential crashing bugs related linking an individual to multiple censuses in the same year.

    Version 2.2.14 5/14/2010

    Added Wales Census extraction forms.
    Added the option to choose to display LDS specific information and enable LDS specific or remove LDS specific features.
    Improved surname detection on Census Tracker extraction forms.
    Added additional fields such as national origin to Canadian 1871/1881 census extraction forms. Added enumerator instruction links to Scotland censuses.
    Added sanity checking when linking individuals in a census extraction form. For example, it now notifies you if you try to link the same individual as a father (age 26) and a son (age 10) in the same census extraction form.
    Added a delete button on the Family Group Sheet next to the children section, and a close button at the bottom of the screen.
    Added a page column when viewing 'records with this source' from the Source index

    Bug Fixes Opens GEDCOM files generated by Mac Reunion and Family Tree Maker.
    Standardize order of the Add/Edit/Delete buttons on editing screens.
    Change Ok to OK in message boxes.
    Fixed potential crash when selecting names in the Choose Parents or Choose Spouse screen or in the Individual name edit box.
    Fixed problem in saving notes if the note contained unrecognized characters.

    Version 2.2.9 4/22/2009 Enhancements: Added immigration and naturalization years to appropriate census extraction forms. Added window titles to more easily distinguish the pedigree window from the census tracker window. Toolbar and program menus are now accessible from the interactive Family Group Sheet. Color coding and legend have been added to the Census Tracker.

    Bug Fixes: Fixed a potential crash when trying to view a census record from the place based index of events. Fixed a potential crash when renaming places. Adjusted Timeline and Census Tracker to open more appropriately on smaller screen resolutions. Census Tracker extraction forms no longer have a random cursor location when returning from another application. =When exporting a subset of information, household census information is maintained even if others from the household are not being exported.

    Version 2.2.7 Date: 4/08/2009

    New Features New welcome screen to help users get started. New larger toolbar buttons. New and improved functionality on the Family Group Sheet. New progress bar when generating large HTML reports to indicate how long the process will take. Import initiatory information from GEDCOM files exported from other programs. New color coding to help you compare individuals.

    Enhancements Selecting Age Calculator now brings it to the front if it was previously open. Any information you added using the FamilySearch web interface is now added to your GEDCOM file when you sync that individual with FamilySearch. Added option to keep all or delete all unused sources and notes when opening a file. Helpful text has been added to the pedigree buttons to make it easier to add parent or spouse.

    Bug Fixes Allow dismiss button to be reachable on Calendar tool on a screen resolution of 1024x768. Allow access to the Accept Changes and Close button on the Individual Editor without scrolling on a screen resolution of 1024x768. Fixed potential crash when accessing FamilySearch. Fixed potential crash when normalizing a place. Fixed potential crash when loading non-standard GEDCOM files. Fixed potential crash when generating Database web pages with a non-standard GEDCOM file. Fixed potential crash when exiting if the Descendants View is open.

     Version 2.2.2

    New Features: New and Improved Census Tracker functionality. Better interaction with New FamilySearch. Add new individuals, merge duplicate individuals and update the existing information in FamilySearch when you Sync. Automatic update tool makes it easy to keep up with the latest bug fixes and maintains MagiKey Family Tree compatibly with New FamilySearch. Updated Census Tracker to include census from other countries such as England, Ireland, and Scotland. Improved ability to link individuals within the Census Tracker. Pedigree Screen has larger font, and when maximized displays correctly. Census Enumerator instructions easily available by clicking a button on the Census Extraction forms. Allow names to be entered in Census Extraction forms in common formats such as Last, First and First Last. Added fixed columns for Name and Birth columns on the Census Tracker view to allow better scrolling. When adding new individuals from a Census Extraction form, automatically add the information from the census such as birth date or occupation to the new individual. Estimated Dates (optionally show on the pedigree) such as (c1800 - c1900) include a "c" meaning circa to indicate computed estimates in the date range. When adding a new individual, allow adding page information when adding a new source. User configurable option to display census information on timelines and in database reports. Matching individuals in your GEDCOM file with individuals in FamilySearch Family Tree is easier.

    Bug Fixes: Potential crash when accessing FamilySearch. Potential crash when adding a spouse. Potential crash when displaying the name of a person with no first name, and no surname, but who has a name suffix such as Jr. Potential crash in Census Tracker when opening a Census Extraction form which has no source. Potential crash when normalizing places. Potential crash when sending the Descendancy Chart to a printer. Needing to normalize the same place multiple times. Potential crash when loading a GEDCOM file with sources that have no name, but do have a page number. Ordinance Reservation Assignment screen would occasionally display "ready" instead of allowing you to reserve an ordinance. Potentially not reserving all the sealing to parent temple ordinance for a family. Incorrect status of a sealing to spouse or sealing to parent displays as "unavailable" when the ordinance has already been completed. Click here to learn more about MagiKey Family Tree version history changes


    Version 2.3.18  Date: 2/14/2011



    Bug Fixes in version 4.1:
    • Fix a potential crashing bug when loading a file that has duplicate GEDCOM CHIL tags in a family
    • handle En Dash and other Unicode characters in dates
    • Fix potential crash when interacting with FamilySearch
    • Display contributor correctly when downloading couple relationships from FamilySearch