MagiKey Family Tree Research Features

Manage Data Tools

  • Search-  Find your ancestor using the reverse look-up by any of the following categories: Individual, Location, Source, Progenitor, Submitter or Repository.

  • Merge- Smoothly merges databases, Individuals, Places, Sources, Submitter, or Repository without losing any information stored in your GEDCOM file. If an exact match is not found, it lets you choose which information to keep.

  • Place Normalization via FamilySearch-  Once connected to you can standardize your locations. This reduces the time looking up counties that cities are located in.  It also shows places in a hierarchical (geographical) view for easy searching.  

  • Subsets-  Make subsets of groups to help you focus on a specific line or do Temple Work.

  • Find Anomalies- Informs you of missing data or when dates (i.e. death date before birth date) don't seem logical based on adjustable settings.

Analyze Data

  • Census Tracker-Record and track the progress of an individual or family through data available from multiple censuses.  Interactive census entry forms make it quick and easy to enter data.  Census Tracking analysis may reveal new locations, find the same individual that uses different names, provide helpful utilization of pre-1850 U.S. Federal censuses, and much more.
  • Timeline of Events- Shows the ages and dates for any event (including children births) for that individual. Looking at the details of an individual’s life within a broader context may reveal new ideas of sources to seek and expand view of that individual within the context of his family and community.

Research  Data

  • Web Search Access- Opens  a new browser window that searches RootsWeb or Social Security Index  for the Active Individual.   
  • FamilySearch Access- Access and Update information from FamilySearch directly from your database- No more retyping in information.  Reserve and request LDS temple ordinances,  easily merge and clean-up FamilySearch.