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MagiCensus 3.1 Release

Salt Lake City, February 3, 2012- The MagiKey, LLC proudly announces that the 1940 U.S. Census extraction forms are available in its new release of MagiCensus Deluxe (version 3.1).   In the last year MagiCensus has more than doubled the number of census extraction forms available, and now includes over 110 census forms across 10 countries.   This makes it the largest collection of census extraction forms available for genealogy researchers. In honor of this milestone The MagiKey, LLC is offering conference specials for their first non-beta product, MagiCensus Deluxe, and their online webinars about Census Tracking.

With MagiCensus, family historians can easily extract census data, and convert it into a convenient table or timeline to reveal new information that they may not have known they had.  This powerful tool automatically links extracted censuses to families in a user’s MagiCensus database, and compares census information and other database information in a side-by-side format for easy analysis.

Roots & Branches: New software uses spreadsheet for 'shadow census' data

Original article at Lebanon Daily News, PA

Updated: 05/02/2010 08:56:45 PM EDT

Like many other "hot" trends in genealogy, software applications have come and gone during the last quarter-century, with precious few having staying power in the market.

Names such as the Master Genealogist, Family Tree Maker, Reunions for Macintosh, and the free application Personal Ancestral File were available then and now - while others such as Ultimate Family Tree, Generations Family Tree, Family Origins and Ancestors and Descendants have come and gone.

I don't know whether MagiKey Family Tree will be one of the former or the latter. I'm not enough of a "techie" to judge that. But I will say that this relatively new piece of software did dazzle me with its signature item: "Census Tracker."

To understand my fascination, I need to take you back to the world of genealogy circa 1985.

At that juncture, indexing a record was done by writing down names on one note card at a time, then alphabetizing them and finally typing up that result.

Doing research inevitably meant visiting a local historical or genealogical society - or saving your pennies for a trip to a "big house" such as the Family History Library, Allen County Public Library or National Archives.

And dealing with the U.S. Census - acknowledged by most as the No. 1 record group for genealogists, then and now - meant getting "microfilm-reader elbow" from scrolling through roll after roll of federal headcounts in search of those once-in-a-decade gems of information such as ages, years of

immigration, birthplaces of parents and oodles of other great data.

And, frustratingly for genealogists needing information before 1850, the censuses from 1790 to 1840 named only the head of household and reduced the rest of the population to numerical tallies in age groupings.

FamilySearch 2010 Software award for "Best Windows Product"

April 27 2010 Salt Lake City, Utah- The MagiKey, LLC. ( is the winner of the FamilySearch 2010 Software award for "Best Windows Product" for its new genealogy software MagiKey Family Tree with Census Tracker (patent pending). MagiKey Family Tree is designed to research, record, organize, and share family history data, and opens, reads, and saves in GEDCOM, the international standard for genealogy files. MagiKey Family Tree is FamilySearch certified and users can access New FamilySearch from within the program.

The Census Tracker helps to easily extract census data, and convert it into a convenient table or timeline to reveal new information. This powerful tool automatically links extracted censuses to families in MagiKey Family Tree, and displays the information in an easy to read format. The MagiKey, LLC was formed by Virginia Majeske, Kaylene Thaler, and Raelyn Davis -a mother/daughter company. "Do what you know" is what they say, so Virginia and her daughters have turned a hobby into a new career.

The MagiKey, LLC Unlocks Census Clues

April 26, 2010 Tecumseh, Michigan- The MagiKey, LLC. ( its new genealogy software, MagiKey Family Tree with Census Tracker at the Ohio Genealogical Society Conference in Toledo, Ohio this weekend. MagiKey Family Tree opens, reads, and saves in GEDCOM, the standard genealogy format. The internal Census Logic (patent pending) compares, analyzes, and combines census data in a unique perspective with information from your database. This now transforms the census data into a research tool, rather than only as an event or fact. This new approach to genealogy provides an easy to use interface with powerful research tools and indexes. MagiKey Family Tree is designed to record, organize, and share family history data. MagiKey Family Tree is also pleased to be FamilySearch certified for access, update, and ordinance reservation.

The MagiKey, LLC ( was formed by Virginia Majeske, Kaylene Thaler, and Raelyn Davis -a mother/daughter company. Kaylene Thaler is the chief programmer and creator of MagiKey Family Tree. She was told by family and other professional genealogists, who learned of her program, that she should market it and that it would be a valuable tool for genealogy research. Unable to do it alone, Virginia and Raelyn, jumped at the chance to provide their skills and support and to help publish MagiKey Family Tree. Both Virginia Majeske and Kaylene Thaler currently volunteer as consultants at their local Family History Libraries.

From Majeske to MagiKey

April 22, 2010 Tecumseh, Michigan- When Virginia Majeske moved to Tecumseh thirty years ago with her husband and four children, it was the beginning. Her husband Tom, had just started working at the Milan Ford plant, they bought a house in a new subdivision in Tecumseh, Michigan. Three more children would be born here, and all would graduate from Tecumseh High School. Two of her daughters became valedictorians. For thirty years she was a homemaker, taking care of her home and children. When others asked her what she did for a living, the answer was always the same “Mother”, because it was a job. She took on the primary responsibility for their home and seven children while Tom traveled on business during the week. She coached the high school’s Equations team for many years when no faculty member was willing too, and often spoke out on the importance of having programs for gifted students. She home schooled the younger ones for a time to make sure their needs were met. Active in her church and community, the lack of a paycheck did not mean she wasn’t working. In thirty years things change. Six of her children are married, all have left home. Tom’s career at Ford is winding down, and now they are beginning a new stage in their life together. In today’s perplexing economic environment, no one can count on a stable future. “Do what you know.” Is what they say, whoever “they” are. So Virginia has turned a hobby into a new career. A volunteer at the Family History Library in Adrian, Virginia along with two of her daughters, Raelyn Davis and Kaylene Thaler, has formed a new company, The MagiKey, LLC. ( Currently offering their first product, MagiKey Family Tree with Census Tracker, they launched their new company and product at the Ohio Genealogical Conference (OGS) in Toledo, Ohio on Apr 22, 2010.