MagiCensus Deluxe Official Release

MagiCensus Deluxe is the leader in census research software.  MagiCensus Deluxe has the largest collection of easy-to-use interactive extraction forms for U.S. federal, state, and many international censuses. The MagiCensus Deluxe Census Tracker helps with analyzing, organizing, and finding missing census data.  MagiCensus Deluxe connects to 15+ census research websites and links directly to online census images to streamline searching.  It is a full record manager, GEDCOM editor and translator, and is FamilySearch FamilyTree certified to make uploading and downloading family names quick and easy.

New Features for version 5.0 include:

  • 1771 Massachusetts Tax List

  • 1885 Buenos Aires Argentina census

  • 1819 and 1867 Mecklenburg-Schwerin Germany censuses

  • FamilySearch Tree-Share, Sources, Discussion, and LDS Support certified for all FamilySearch users.

  • Multi-Generational Census Tracker

  • Cherokee and Creek Indian census

  • Released Feb 2015

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Get this program!

MagiCensus opened new doors for me. I have been into genealogy on and off for about 20 years. This last year, I really dug in and was able to trace my wife's and my own trees back several more generations with the help of MagiCensus. I allows you to compare multiple years of census data on families all on one screen and makes it easy to see inconsistancies and good matches.

One area that has helped me the most is on researching cesuses prior to 1850. Previously I only looked up the head of household and ignored the spouse and children. With this program, family matches can be made by easily matching family members to the age ranges listed in the census.  

Support is very responsive.

And one more thing - sign up for the webinar - Discover Hidden Treasures through Census Tracking. The webinar is presented by one of the developers and provided valuable information on genealogical research procedures. The group attending is usually small (at least mine were) - under 10 or so. During the webinar you can ask questions through a mike on your computer or a telephone connection if that is how you hooked up. I had a question that was specific to my other software and they stayed online after the webinar ended to address my situation individually - it's refreshing to see a company that is really concerned about their customers.

Great Support

I had lost my registration key and could not update my software or register it on my new computer and we set up a phone appointment and they called me and fixed the problem and even walked me through how to use some of the new features. How cool is that!