MagiTree Deluxe Features

Easy To Use

  1. Views-  Pedigree View is used for navigation.  Other views include: Family Group Sheet, Descendancy View, Census Tracker, and Timeline.
  2. Searchable Indexes or Reverse Look-up- Individuals Given name and Surname, Places, Sources, Progenitors, Repositories, and Submitters.
  3. GEDCOM based- Don't worry about losing data when transferring information to other programs or reading other programs exported GEDCOM files. 
  4. Automatically Linked- Family members are linked as you add them.  It supports multiple types of parents, multiple spouses, and multiple names per individual.
  5. Automatically checks for duplicates as you add people but allows the user to determine whether to keep or merge them for research purposes.
  6. Spelling Memory- Remembers what you type, and can fill in the remainder of a place or name typed in.  It does not come with a pre-assigned name spelling list.
  7. Easy to use explorer-like help system.  Use the ?button to quickly get help on each screen.
  8. Bookmark any individuals in your database.
  9. History list lets you backtrack through over 150+ active individuals.
  10. Back button moves back to previously visited people.


  1. Report Wizard- Customizing your reports is easy.  Select how many generations to print, exclude living people, what type of sources or notes, numbering format, types of events, and html options.
  2. Report Wizard- Creates hypertext pages which can then be published onto the web or into books with narrative, notes, charts, photos, source bibliography, index, and more.  
  3. Types of Reports- Unlimited Generation Wall Charts, Census Tracker Report (Free), Pedigree Charts,  Family Group Sheets, Narrative reports (register (NEHGS) indented Descendancy, or Henry Descendancy), TimeLine, and U.S. Census Table. 

Organize Your Information


  1. Individual- Record unlimited facts/events, notes, sources, multiple names, alternative names, multiple spouses, multiple parents (adoptive/birth).  Search by given name,surname, or query.  Automatic or manual merging capabilities.
  2. Sources-Type each source once, and link to multiple individuals or events for that source.  Mark quality of source per individual. Sources can have notes, and Notes can have sources. Has a source index for easy searching or merging of sources.
  3. Facts/Events- Create your own user defined fact types or use 52 predefined fact types (birth, marriage, death, occupation, religion, etc). Each event can be linked to a source or note. Attributes do not require a date.
  4. Subsets- Create groups you can use in reports or exporting a portion of your database.  Also used to prepare names for LDS ordinances.
  5. Notes-Can be attached to Sources, Individuals, or Events.  Each note can have a source.  Note priority printing system lets you select what notes to print and what notes to keep private. Each note can be added to your TODO list.
  6. Places- Place Name Standardization (New FamilySearch) and Geocoding. Search events or records that contain a specific place, Merge, or edit place and changes occur for all instances.  With City,State  will fill in county or other information.


  1. FamilySearch certified -Ordinance Request, Ordinance Reservation, Access, Helper, and Update. {Sync-coming soon}
  2. Search, Download, Merge and upload  information from FamilySearch from within the software.
  3. Create Subsets to make the reservation process easier.
  4. View the Temple Ordinance Status for your ancestors to find work that still needs to be completed, and who has requested it (if not you).
  5. Normalize your place database using the place information maintained as part of FamilySearch.

Internet Features

  1. Search Social Security Index, New FamilySearch, and Root’s World Web Connect.
  2. Automatically create a website including photos, notes, sources, index, surname list, GEDCOM file, email, etc.
  3. Seven types of hyperlink websites: Pedigree Charts, Family Group Sheets, Descendant Webpage, Descent chart, Ancestor web pages including hyper-linked indexing and GEDCOM file.
  4. Privacy settings-“Living persons’ display option on your website with Report Wizard.

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