Census Tracker View

FamilyThe Census Tracker shows a table comparing place of residence and census years for the members of a single household. Viewing a family's information this way provides a different perspective than the Family Group Sheet and can reveal clues and trends in Family History. Currently MagiKey Census Tracker (patent-pending) is the only software that supports extracting census information directly into a database and then comparing it with other census years and other sources in your database. Currently we have census specific extraction forms for U.S. Federal Census (1790-1880, 1900-1930), England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, and Canadian Census.  In MagiCensus Deluxe we will also offer U.S. State Censuses (online images only), Mexico, and Argintina.

MagiCensus has advance logic to help you analyze the information in the census table.

  • Estimates age ranges when no exact birth date is known
  • Verifies ages if they are within a year of other census records ages
  • Color coded cells helps you to analyze differences

MagiCensus displays database information to help you with your census research.

  • Displays expected age for individual for each census
  • Displays when name changes in database
  • Uses birth and death dates of family members to determine what census years are relevant for the family

Each cell in the Census Tracker is interactive.

Double-clicking on a cell in the table will open another view, editor, or form. If you double-click on a person's birth date it will open up the Timeline view. The Timeline view shows, in chronological order, the events of an individual’s life as well as those of their family. The view includes the age of the Active Individual, date of event, person linked to the event, place of event, and source if the event has been sourced. Information extracted from a census, added to an Individual Information or a family member’s Individual Information will be included on the Timeline. Comparing the events in the person’s life with the information from the Census Tracker allows the discovery of patterns that might not otherwise be evident. The Census Tracker and Timeline view can be opened at the same time to easily switch between them for easy analysis.

To open the Individual Editor, simply double-click the individual. If you have questions about a person or find an error, or you can easily access or edit their information from this view. Clicking on a cell under a specific year will open up the Census Extraction form for that specific year. Once you have filled in the extraction form, MagiKey Family Tree will link the census information to the database and fill out the Family Census Tracker for you.

MagiCensus does the work, so you don't have too.

MagiCensus  is a new solution that makes census tracking easier and more rewarding. Having the database and spreadsheets interconnected eliminates the need to retype information multiple times. Providing a template for each census and allowing you to link the census event to the whole family simplifies the extraction process. Once the family has been extracted and linked, MagiCensus automates the rest. It displays the information in the Census Tracker, links information to the Timeline view, and includes the census information in place event reports.

Try the 10 day Free Trial of MagiCensus Deluxe.  After 10 days, it will revert to MagiTree, our free GEDCOM software.


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